Remote Software Development Teams
Remote Software Development Teams

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ISHIR Overview


Phone: 1.888.994.7447

Country: United States

City: Plano

Address: 5830 Granite Pkwy, Suite #100-36

  • ISHIR Project's Size

    $10,000 +

  • ISHIR Number of Employees

    2 - 9

  • ISHIR Hourly Rate

    $25 - $49 / hr

  • ISHIR Founded

    Founded 1999

Custom Software Application Development Outsourcing Services to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals Combining industry-specific knowledge with custom software development expertise, we develop custom software development solutions for startups, small businesses, and enterprise businesses. Technology can help you scale your business tenfold and drive growth in all aspects of your business. We support our customers with custom application development, web-based application development, mobile app development, and software development services to help them grow their business faster, more efficiently, and stay ahead of their competitors. ISHIR is a leading offshore development company in India. is a company established in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with an offshore development center in India. We are a leading software outsourcing company that provides custom software development services to clients when their business strategies and requirements are not fully met by packaged software since 1999. Our team of technical experts, engineers, UX designers, and solution architects are here to help you. We create custom software that helps you achieve your short term and long term goals. Leaks, security breaches, downtime, and inefficiencies in software mobile applications can seriously hamper your business. To help you develop and manage effective software applications, you need a skilled and reliable custom mobile application development company. As a leading custom web and mobile application development company based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, with an offshore development center in India, Inc. builds, manages, and scales software solutions to meet the unique business needs and requirements of our clients. We use a combination of software development processes, expert resources, and best practices to ensure that we deliver the best software solutions to our clients. The skilled web and mobile application development team at can provide the best tailor-made software with exceptional user experience. The trend to move and maintain data in the cloud is already growing. Taking it to the next level, is there a way to extract key data insights from all the data that matters? Using Machine Learning as a Service or MLaaS, you can find patterns and models in your data to generate actionable and intelligent data. enables you to use machine learning services as part of your cloud computing services. The machine learning services include deep learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. The biggest advantage of MLaaS is that you can use as many services as you want that best fit your business needs without having to invest in infrastructure to revive your machine learning models. The number of mobile applications, the devices these applications run on, and the operating systems they run on continues to grow. The rapid growth in numbers has created a challenge for enterprises to solve performance issues and ensure a great user experience. It is important to run pre- and post-production performance tests under several network conditions to meet the rising user expectations. It is also advisable to test mobile response times and potential degradation. ISHIR can help you optimize the performance of your mobile application and monitor for blond spots that may interfere with the user experience. provides a cloud-based APM solution that helps ensure a high quality mobile solution. It's a known fact that collaboration, automation, and integration are key elements for a successful DevOps implementation, but many are not adept at eliminating the bottlenecks that come with it. can help bridge the gap into a seamless delivery using lean and agile best practices. DevOps as a Service enables a culture of collaboration, innovation, and increased operational efficiency. With the talents of DevOps engineers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and India, the team can set up automation, enable process transformation, and recommend the best DevOps tools to manage the current delivery pipeline in the most efficient way.

Portfolio of ISHIR

Key clients: Automobile (Honda) Digital Marketing (SQ1, Owen Media) Finance (Always Money) Fortune 500 (Samsung, Motorola, Yahoo, GE Money) HealthCare & Wellness Providers (Dental Warranty, CareNow) Hotel (Hyatt, Marriott) ISVs Manufacturing (Thermaflite) Non-profit Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Restaurant (Jack in the Box, Genghis Grill) Small and Medium Businesses Software (Ergos, MOGO) Travel (One Travel, American Tours), University (Boston, Collin, Auckland) Government (United Nations)
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