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Coding Sans

We’re a full-stack JavaScript development company with a sharp focus on building serverless web and cross-platform mobile apps. We work with clients all over the world, without a specific industry focus. Coding Sans was founded in 2013, and the core team members have been working together since then. We believe in transparent software development. Our clients see exactly how we work by giving access to the project’s codebase and inviting them to the chat apps we use. This way we make sure that every stakeholder of the project is on the same page and avoid misdelivery. During the project, our clients can provide any feedback and criticism so the product will be delivered in the desired quality with the expected functionality.

MENA Software

MENA Software is a fast growing software and blockchain development company. Outsource your project & let us help you transform your business. At MENA Software, we focus on building SMART and sustainable solutions, through personalizing & providing premium services.


BinarCode is an outsourcing company with focus on full stack web development based on Javascript technologies. We are a young yet experienced team who worked on over 10 different projects together starting from SaaS products, startup ideas and ending with automation tools and web templates.


Working with Sombra customers can be sure that professionals take care of the project. We value qualified people therefore 75% of our developers have a master degree in Computer Science. Also, we care about effective communication. Our team is incorporated of developers and managers with a high command of English, who can communicate unhindered on every level of cooperation.


Partnering with Product Owners and CTOs, Singlemind is a data-driven design and development firm defined by our commitment to innovation, creativity, and proven process. With expertise in market research, design thinking, and human-centered IA, we create digital products based upon real world data. We seek to transform how software is formulated and how companies engage with their users. From web applications to websites to mobile applications and IoT, our design and development teams craft software for your business needs and the enjoyment of your users. To achieve your business goals, we execute on proven strategies and tactics that improve user adoption and retention.


NCube is a software development company that assembles remote teams of software developers within 2-4 weeks for enterprises, startups and companies around the world. We have expertise in FinTech, IoT, VR, AI/Machine Learning, Banking, Healthcare, Banking, Cloud platforms, Data Science.


Avra is a software company based in Wroclaw, Poland. We have one main goal – to make a good IT. We started in 2004 as a one-man company, since then a lot has changed. We grown into a team of 60 experts, and our one-storey office turned into a 11th floor in the city center, with a view of Wrocław. We gained the trust of very important clients: Leroy Merlin, MyBenefit, and

Techuz InfoWeb Pvt. Ltd

Techuz is an eminent name in the IT industry especially known for catering highly sophisticated web development services. Established in 2013, it has helped several startups and enterprises to achieve their business goals with their state-of-the-art technical assistance. The team of highly skilled developers and designers offers complete end-to-end services starting from designing elegant UI/UX to development, testing and deployment.


SoftTeco is a custom software development company which is focused on providing high-quality technical solutions, quality assurance and design. Broad expertise and large portfolio allow us to make our customers happy!