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The Grafo application is supported by not one but three different databases, each necessary to provide a unique, fundamental functionality. A traditional MySQL database stores table data and MongoDB provides an easy way to store the graph ontologies. Redis sits between the server and the databases, greatly enhancing the performance of the app by caching common queries for a lightning-fast response. The website is based in node.js and our team used an array of libraries to create increased functionality. A third party paid graphing library called GoJS, allowed us to render phenomenal graphing for Grafo. It had stellar support and advanced features that far surpass what can be found anywhere else. With all of these parts working together, we
were able to create a rich and fluid diagramming experience.

SingleMind is actively phasing themselves out of directly managing the site, but its relationship with Capsenta hasn’t ended. We will continue to work with the Capsenta team to develop and design future updates including the ability to allow the application to connect to a remote database. Grafo’s ultimate goal is direct integration that would allow users to manage, update, and query a database from a visual platform. The response from the market thus far has been incredibly encouraging.

Company: Singlemind

United States, Lake Oswego


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