Token Sale Dashboard

Helped in the end-to-end development of a Turnkey platform for ICO & STO. It allows for ICO Management, CMS with Marketing module, Multi-token tracking & sale configuration.

KYC End-To-End Solution

An online solution for KYC & AML. It allows for users to be identified, verified through efficient screening and constant monitoring. The entire system is created on a global coverage basis & in compliance with GDPR.
It is a centralized platform with a single process of verification for end users & business owners.

Smart Crypto Invoicing

A platform allowing only crypto invoicing. It allows companies to bill for services and products through crypto payments with payment forwarding and notifications integration.
It allows for multi-business expense and profit tracking, plus unpaid expenses.

Platform for Crypto Trading Data & Blockchain Endpoints

A platform that allows faster and more reliable integration of blockchains & crypto exchanges for developing crypto applications & dApps. We developed the entire API Endpoint structure.

Blockchain Explorer

Created the most advanced cryptocurrency & blockchain explorer. It allows users to search for free details such as height, hash, transactions, addresses & wallets.

Crypto Exchange

Scaled up a cryptocurrency exchange from start to finish, creating the entire frontend & backend. Developed the User Dashboard, allowing to manage portfolio, wallets, buy/sell. In addition, created the Admin panel tracking marking funding, trading, keeping track of types of orders and providing advance chart tool about market statistics per blockchain/token.

Smart Contracts Development

Development of multiple ICO self-executing ETH ERC-20 based smart contracts.

Multiple Multi-Player Mobile Games

Launched various online multi-player mobile games, allowing social play across the globe with friendly competition.

Google Play Clone

A mobile & web based android store. Within in it you can upload and download anything from apps & games to movies, music & magazines.

Games Portal with plug & play API

​A solution allowing mobile and web games to easily integrate game services and metadata authorizations, plus authentications all games.