Anyfinder Desktop Search

An advanced enterprise-level search engine that solves complex search tasks in the organization while minimizing security risks for the business. Anyfinder converts documents stored in various formats into a unified text format to allow for a pain-free search. It also offers specialized filters to restrict or allow access depending on the position of a user in the organization.

LoadStorm Java Launcher

LoadStorm is a custom cloud-based solution for load testing. As part of the project, we developed two technology solutions – the first runs and launches Java applications in the cloud; the second runs on the client’s side, uploads a Java application to the cloud and connects to the first app to launch the Java application.


SMILA provides a corporate search engine functionality in a ready-made packaged format for a quick and effortless implementation. It’s an open source framework based on Lucene and created for Eclipse Foundation. The system features highly-configurable parameters and can be integrated with third-party products.

Do-it-yourself Investing

A personal investment tool for first-time or professional ETF investors. The tool offers simulation, monitoring, rebalancing, and analysis features – all in a simple and easy-to-use format. It remains a go-to place for ETF investors in Europe and worldwide, providing a plentiful functionality for successful strategic investment.

Big Data Cleaner

To eliminate duplicates in the customer database of one of the largest European banks, we created a technology solution that employs complex clustering and analysis algorithms. This data science project resulted in 10 million entries containing numerous duplicates and errors being converted into a clean usable database.

Budgeting System

An extensive budgeting system to bring together the company’s various local and regional branches. Built to ease the burden of a large business management, the solution allows users to track and record a range of items: transactions, transfers, currency exchanges and many more. It can also create monthly and quarterly plans and conduct budget approval and budget performance monitoring.

Mobile Client for Learning Management System

We were the creators of one of the first mobile clients in the eLearning industry. Developed for Blackboard eLearning suite 6, our solution provides access to Blackboard desktop user functions via mobile. The solution was successfully developed despite the initial restrictions imposed by the Blackboard system.

Custom Learning Management System

To cater to the educational needs of the population in remote areas of Russia, the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies asked us to create a distant learning module. The Learning Management System (LMS) contains consequential learning programs, provides access to instructions, online documents, lecture notes, and allows students to take part in online exams.

Intellectual Calculus Learning System

Being a part of the Gradarius development team, we created a unique solution for learning and teaching calculus. The solution helps students develop calculus and problem solving skills using advanced math recognition, personalized instructions, and a variety of communication and feedback options.

Raw data processing system

Developed for LIDAR, a sensor system collecting data from the surface of the Earth, our solution connects hundreds of disparate applications into an effective data processing system. The system simultaneously manages all data applications thus preventing incomplete processing, data losses, and slowdowns.