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AngularJS or Angular.JS, where JS stands for Javascript is a front-end application maintained by Google and used by software developers to code single-page applications. AngularJS sits within the Apache Cordova framework which is used to develop cross-platform mobile apps. AngularJS is used to simplify the development and testing of applications through an MVC, model-view-client framework and an MVVM model-view-view-model architecture system. These are used together with rich internet applications. The current acronym MVW stands for model-view-whatever has become synonymous with AngularJS development.

11. Sombra

Working with Sombra customers can be sure that professionals take care of the project. We value qualified people therefore 75% of our developers have a master degree in Computer Science. Also, we care about effective communication. Our team is incorporated of developers and managers with a high command of English, who can communicate unhindered on every level of cooperation.

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12. Techuz InfoWeb Pvt. Ltd

Techuz is an eminent name in the IT industry especially known for catering highly sophisticated web development services. Established in 2013, it has helped several startups and enterprises to achieve their business goals with their state-of-the-art technical assistance. The team of highly skilled developers and designers offers complete end-to-end services starting from designing elegant UI/UX to development, testing and deployment.

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Why AngularJS?

You might consider HTML as the classic static document language, but HTML falls short when using it for dynamic applications. AngulaJS steps in to complement HTML language providing an extended vocabulary of a dynamic process that is very easy to read, quick to develop and is highly expressive. AngularJS starts out by reading the HTML page that contains embedded JS custom tags. AngularJS then reads the directives, initiates these directives using standard JS variables which can be manually set in the code, or taken from a dynamic or static JSON source.

Plain JavaScript

Another great aspect of AngularJS is that it is part of JavaScript, so you don’t need to learn anything new. Just use the same code when complementing the AngularJS models.

Extensibility and Deep Linking

AngularJS is a Javascript toolset used to build frameworks best suited to mobile application development. It is fully extensible to work seamlessly with other libraries. It also provides deep links to show where the user is located within the app, which is something Ajax cannot provide. This means you can get great deep linking performance with desktop app-like behavior.

Components of AngularJS

One of the great components of AngularJS is its ability to extend HTML directives and allows you to create new HTML syntax for your applications. It is also reusable, where you create components of AngularJS hiding complex DOM structure, CSS, and behavior. It is also localized friendly, so you can code for filters and stemming directives, this makes all applications locally available. One other great component is the form validation set, where you declare the validation rules of the form without needing to write JavaScript code. AngularJS is an exceptional HTML expression extension that provides dynamic single page management using standard JS vocabulary.