Child Safety on the Internet

Child Internet Safety: Event For Parents and Children

Our children – even younger students – often know about the Internet no less than their parents. But do they know the rules of security on the Web? “It Rate” and “Web solutions” will help you and your children to avoid all the possible risks on the Internet.

According to European data, the importance of the problem of “meeting with online strangers” in many European countries has significantly decreased. In the United States, this issue remains one of the most important among Internet communication risks. Half of the American children constantly get to know new people on the Internet, and 22% of children confess that they met with Internet acquaintances in real life. In Europe, 29% of children are getting to know the Internet, but they meet with online friends, in reality, less – about 10%.

Now we need to understand that the Internet is not some distant virtual world where everything is not real. This world has a direct impact on human life and carries almost the same dangers as the real world – from fraud to cyberbullying – aggression and threats on the Internet, from which thousands of children around the world are affected.

The most important topics during the event:

  • How to avoid cyberbullying?
  • How to teach a child to be cautious when meeting new people on the Internet?
  • How to help your child avoid collisions with unwanted content?
  • How can you ensure the safety of your children on the Internet and at the same time not exert excessive pressure on them?
  • Best software to limit unwanted websites.
  • The duration of the event is 4 hours with 30 minutes break.


The price: Free of charge.

It is advisable to take your children with you. For the youngest ones, there will be free entertainment room with a professional babysitter.

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