Software development is a vast service sector that spans every aspect of industry and commerce as we know it. Software development is about writing code for specific applications that can be as simple as binary for microchip logic circuits to complex search algorithms as used by Google. In the middle is a plethora of application and services, such as small apps and games to complex database and big data analytics.
Essentially, the term Software development is equal in size to the term manufacturing.

There are many different kinds of software development companies ranging from custom software development companies and boutiques that specialize in bespoke products for their clients. To top software development companies that mass-produced software for sale over the counter, such as Microsoft and SAP.

Among all, this variety is software development outsourcing companies that specialize in taking on projects from individuals seeking a small app, such as a mobile app, or an add-on to Excel, or even to curate a bespoke database system using specific software.

Anyone with knowledge, understanding, and experience in writing code, the source of software, is capable of being a software development company. Larger groups of companies will employ thousands of software coders and engineers working with multi-disciplinary teams to create a holistic memory efficient and large data calculation system such as Oracle.

The best software development companies are hard to pinpoint, since there are so many classifications, as such, the best software development companies are categorical, such as a database, gaming, learning, analytics, searching, mobile, etc.

There are many software development companies lists on the internet, and these again are created with categorical definition, where best is subjective, not objective. As such, when you consider this vast global map of software development companies, don’t think of it as one group, but as a large group, similar to grouping “humans,” where there are many nations, culture, and languages. So too with software development, there are many categories, cultures, and languages that each define a specific niche in software development.

Another Aspect of software development is the language used; there are literally hundreds of languages, including dead ones. However, all languages are based on one source; binary. These languages get split into performance foci, such as languages fit for databases, or mathematics or logic. A lot of applications might use many languages in collaboration, where some are used for managing memory, others for graphics and some for data control. The more complex a software system, the more languages will be used, and the more issues and hardware will be considered as viable to support the software.