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Editorial link building

Do you want to add your project and are looking for a team that will deal with your site as their own? Looking for where to invest? With us!

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  • $5,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2016

From Concept to Creation

Vivid Software Solutions is a Digital Agency Specializing in Website Design and Digital Marketing. Generating Leads for your Business. Call: (619)578-9456

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  • $5,000 +

  • 2 - 9

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2008

A Complete Blockchain Development Company in India

Technoloader is a best blockchain development company in India. Offers blockchain development services like blockchain app development, smart contract development and exchange platform development services.

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  • $5,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2016

UX Design and Web Development - Get in Kahoots!

Kahoots Creative Group works with SMEs, Enterprises and Funded Startups across the nation to design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions.

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  • $10,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $150 - $199 / hr

  • Founded 2014

Where Business Happens

An Austin web design firm providing ruby on rails software development, mobile friendly responsive design, graphic design, premium bandwidth web hosting, e-commerce development, and custom software development serving the Austin, Texas corporate community since 1995.

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  • $5,000 +

  • 2 - 9

  • $100 - $149 / hr

  • Founded 1995

A modern digital consultancy.

Were a digital consultancy with concentrations in marketing, strategy, automation.

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  • $25,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $100 - $149 / hr

  • Founded 2009

An Enterprise SEO Solution

Our company specialises in SEO, boosting organic traffic unorthodox marketing tactics. We have offices in Vancouver, Berlin, London, and Salt Lake City.

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  • $1,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $100 - $149 / hr

  • Founded 2015

Award winning mobile marketing agency

GameChangerSF is a mobile app marketing agency specializing in mobile user acquisition, making mobile ads, data science and making our clients lots of money. When you hire GameChangerSF to promote your mobile app, you hire a winning mobile marketing department with 7 years of experience and hundreds

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  • $50,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2012

A Product Engineering Company

HashStudioz Technologies let you develop the latest mobile application based on your business services covering the aspects of AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other technological implementations for an optimized Mobile Application architecture development.

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  • $1,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2018

Experiential Marketing Ideas + Activation

Supercharge your brand with relevant, productive, and personable real-life experiences

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  • $10,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2003

Reliable Direct Marketing Companies for Your Business in 2021

The methods of Direct Marketing Companies are aimed at persuading a customer to take a specific action - call, visit, buy. Find your direct marketing firm and achieve your business goals!

What Are Direct Marketing Companies

Direct digital marketing is recognized today as one of the most effective marketing methods for building a large customer base. Therefore, it's not surprising that direct marketing company services are in high demand. The main goal here is to provide quality information about a product/service to target audiences without any intermediaries.

What are direct marketing agencies? How can they help your business? What is the key to their success? Should you hire a direct marketing services company? How can you do it? Let's find this out.

Direct marketing agencies use a special form of promotion, which allows you to communicate directly with your TA. For this, agencies use a variety of media channels.

Direct mail marketing company uses one of the direct marketing types that involves sending emails to customers. However, only those users who are more likely to make a purchase (or other targeted action) will receive the email. Direct marketing agencies choose customers based on the following parameters:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Location;
  • Occupation;
  • Interests, etc.

Due to the specifics of online direct marketing, it's easy to measure the success of a campaign, predict it, and reduce risks. This is not the case with offline marketing, where measuring performance is more complicated.

There is often confusion between direct and digital marketing. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that's applied in a digital environment (online direct marketing). It can take the form of direct marketing.

Direct Marketing Firms and Tools They Use

Direct marketing agencies use different tools in DTC marketing. So let’s get to them.


Digital mailing services allow marketers to create a successful promotional campaign.

In the hands of direct mail marketing agency specialists, promotional newsletters become personalized and truly effective.

SMS marketing

Marketers can send hundreds of SMS messages per day with descriptions and product/service offers. The benefits here are fast delivery, easy automation, and personalized messages.

Web Push Marketing

Marketers can now send notifications with basic information on offers, sales, etc. to target customers without having their addresses. Such notifications are personalized and segmented. They pop up in desktop or mobile browser windows.

Messenger Marketing

Mobile chat apps and social media chatbots facilitate business and connect with prospects and customers. As a result, you get better direct sales and marketing campaigns. Messenger marketing helps collect customer orders, registrations, responses, and recommendations.

Direct Marketing Strategies

In order to develop a successful direct marketing campaign, direct marketing firms do research and planning.

The first thing a business needs to do is to define its primary goals. And the experts from direct marketing agencies will determine the key performance indicators.

Then comes data analysis: assessing how effective/ineffective previous campaigns were, analyzing mistakes made, etc.

Audience research is another important step in developing a marketing strategy. Don't forget that customers are the basis of any business.

Direct Marketing Company: Cooperation Advantages

The activity of direct marketing firms allow businesses to get more benefits as follows:

  • Targeted advertising. Advertising messages can be used to focus on a particular group of customers;
  • Budget marketing. Direct sales marketing can improve the results of direct sales marketing, even with a small budget;
  • Customer retention. Through direct marketing, you can identify why a customer left and re-establish your relationships. Direct marketing retains customers via simple and thoughtful methods;
  • Increased loyalty. Direct marketing is great for connecting with potential customers;
  • Business promotion. It's a great launching pad. New businesses using smart direct marketing can improve sales of certain products, retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and track promotional offers;
  • Direct marketing is measurable. This means you can measure customer behavior and attitude towards a certain product, service, or brand.

Should I Hire a Direct Marketing Agency?

If you're still wondering whether you should hire a direct marketing and acquisition firm, then you should know what other businesses have to say about their experience with direct marketing agencies below:

  • Cost-effectiveness. So, for example, to conduct a successful marketing campaign, you need a marketer, SMM specialist, SEO specialist, and a few other professionals. All of them, obviously, will have to be paid. By hiring a direct marketing agency, you will save significantly on wages;
  • Your project is in the main focus;
  • Comprehensive approach and an extensive team of expert marketers. A team that will generate more creative ideas;
  • Trend monitoring and campaign success analysis;
  • Direct marketing companies have access to a large number of powerful tools;
  • Experience that allows businesses to grow and scale.

How Much Do Direct Marketing Firm Services Cost?

The pricing of direct marketing firm services depends on many factors, e.g. the number of services provided (designer, SMM, SEO, etc.), mailing list, promotion/distribution costs, and so on. The price tag is influenced by the size of the company itself, as well as the scale of the project and the average budget.

Keep in mind that direct marketing is a strategy that changes as the company grows. Consequently, the budget can change, as well.

How to Choose a Digital Direct Marketing Agency?

When choosing a direct marketing company, use the following tips to find a trustworthy partner:

  • Recommendations. The cooperation with a direct marketing agency can last for several months or even several years. Therefore, ask people who have previously worked with the agency for their opinion;
  • Reviews. If you have not found someone who can recommend a company that specializes in online direct marketing, make your own list of candidates and study online reviews;
  • Team research. Who will work with you? How many and what kind of specialists will be in the team? What about their experience in the field? These are the main questions you want to ask at the negotiation stage;
  • Cases. Ask the agency for the portfolio to evaluate the performance, identify its strengths and weaknesses.


What does a direct marketing agency do?

Direct marketing agencies use a special form of promotion in their work. Such an approach allows you to communicate directly with your TA. They also use various mass media channels to achieve their goals. Some direct mail marketing companies also use a special marketing method, which includes sending messages to their customers.

How do direct marketing companies tackle social media to develop their product portfolio?

Social media is used to increase brand awareness, website visits, and sales. That's where you can also engage your target audience and build a community around the brand.

How do I find online companies that use direct marketing?

You want to read online reviews and build your list of candidates. Do your research and find out who exactly will work with you. This is the main thing you want to ask at the negotiation stage. Moreover, ask for the portfolio to evaluate the agency's potential, identify strengths and weaknesses.

What are some companies that can provide an all-in-one suite of direct marketing services?

Direct marketing companies that provide an all-in-one suite of services should have a number of in-house specialists. These include an SMM specialist, an SEO specialist, designers, marketers, strategists, and copywriters.

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