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Blend is a Creative Production Company

Blend is a digital marketing agency that builds modern brands. We offer fully integrated creative services including: video production, branded content, and digital marketing.

Overview Blend
  • $10,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $150 - $199 / hr

  • Founded 2015

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eLearning Service Provider Company in India, USA, Australia, Singapore – Kyteway is one of the top eLearning and Web development companies, providing best eLearning, Learning solutions with multimedia development, High-end 2D & 3D animations, HTML5 & Mobile Solutions and Software development.

Overview Kyteway Technology
  • $5,000 +

  • 2 - 9

  • < $25 / hr

  • Founded 2018

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A British Integrated Marketing Agency

Split An Atom is a multi-award winning British integrated marketing agency offering the services your business needs. Get a bespoke marketing strategy now.

Overview Split An Atom
  • $1,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2011

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eCommerce | Custom Software | Mobile Apps

We are an eCommerce website developer that creates engaging user experiences with seamless backend functionality, powered by Adobe Commerce and Magento systems.

Overview DotcomWeavers
  • $10,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $100 - $149 / hr

  • Founded 2007

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Award Winning B2B Studio

London Based SEO Agency, Pearl Lemon is the most innovative SEO Companies offering results oriented seo services that will double your organic traffic!

Overview Pearl Lemon
  • $10,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2014

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eCommerce Technology Company

Divante is a global eCommerce solutions, experimentation, and thought leader. Our team of 280+ experts empowers eCommerce for both the B2B and B2C segments, working with companies like Bosch, SAP, and 3M.

Overview divante
  • $50,000 +

  • 250 - 999

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2008

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Advanced Organic Marketing | Grow Your Brand

As we help you gain market exposure, we measure the results along the way, keeping you in the loop about the growth of your brand’s awareness and follower base on a monthly basis. And because your success is our focus, we continue tweaking our approach until we’ve maximized your market share and growth potential.

Overview Joseph Studios
  • $1,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $100 - $149 / hr

  • Founded 2016

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Success - Just a Click Away!

We are a team of 100+ marketing professionals, who believe in practicing data-driven marketing methods to drive results for your business. With years of experience, we can handle any size of company and ensure to put your goals above anything. With us, you need not worry about the marketing agency that isn’t familiar with your industry. We discuss, we listen, and we assist you in creating pre-eminent and effective marketing ideas for your business.

Overview Blurbpoint
  • $1,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2007

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Reputation Management Companies and Their Importance for Business

Business owners know firsthand that brand reputation is the key to success. Trusted businesses ensure a steady income and growth, that's why brands are increasingly using the services of reputation management companies, engaged in risk prevention and/or elimination.

Today, corporate reputation management is also about digital monitoring of revealing and influencing a brand's reputation on the Internet. Every day, people leave reviews about certain companies, share them in posts and comments. And knowing what people are saying about you is priceless.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management companies are engaged in monitoring brand reputation, studying how consumers perceive the brand, and taking a number of strategic measures, if necessary. Today, when talking about reputation management, we mostly mean digital reputation management.

Reputation management is a continuous process that helps find out what customers think of this or that brand. Another term is often used alongside it, namely "brand safety." This is also a process handled by reputation management firms as part of the main process.

Brand safety ensures the appropriateness of advertising or any other content element. For example, a company should buy advertising space with no content that could in any way be perceived by the TA (target audience) as offensive or negative.

Reputation Management Firms and HR Agencies

At first glance, it would seem that reputation management agencies and HR firms are the same. Nevertheless, only their goals are the same. Whereas, their methods of achieving those goals are different.

Both HR agencies and reputation management firms strive to represent a brand in a positive light. In this case, HR firms promote the company's reputation through the media and influencers. Reputation management firms focus on finding and neutralizing negative posts, as well as publish suitable content for positive brand perception.

Why Do You Need Online Brand Reputation Management?

Reputation management professionals reach out directly to consumers to eliminate negative comments and complaints. A company’s low rating or negative comments always affect this or that brand, and reputation management companies strive to eliminate them all. So by partnering with the best reputation management companies, brands gain the support of professionals and get the following benefits:

  • Increased positive perception of the company, product, and/or service;
  • Strong credibility and expert opinion in the eyes of customers;
  • Identification of complaints and their immediate resolution;
  • Quick elimination of negative reviews and comments;
  • Increased number of new customers.

In addition, online reputation management companies help identify followers and create a community of such people, analyze the condition of your business, and find solutions to improve it.

How Reputation Management Companies Manage Reputation

Reputation management can be divided into three areas, which can be successfully applied in any business:

  • Reputation. Building a positive reputation is the foundation of any business or startup. Reputation management agencies help develop a strong and positive online presence;
  • Support. Reputation management professionals focus on maintaining a positive image of the brand and enhancing it;
  • Reputation recovery. This process requires more attention than reputation support. This is where specialists deal with responding to and resolving various complaints and issues.

5 Strategies for Reputation Management Companies

Businesses should learn how to respond to negative comments or reviews from their customers in order to maintain a positive impression. Top reputation management firms recommend five strategies for this:

  • Respond with understanding and empathy. One of the main things for your customers is knowing that you really understand them;
  • React, don't ignore. The best reputation management consultants never ignore negative feedback/comments. They always try to handle everything ASAP;
  • Admit your mistakes. Sometimes, remorse is the only way to gain the trust of your clients. Track comments and reviews on search engines;
  • Automate your reputation management processes through high-quality software.

In order to implement the right strategies, you should have a clear plan.

Reputation Management Agencies and Strategic Implementation Plan

Every step in a strategic implementation plan of any reputation management agency is a seamless process. All your steps should be consistent - only then will it benefit the reputation of the business. Check the following steps to consider:

  • Step #1. Audit and research. Online brand reputation management companies use the Internet to find what users think about you;
  • Step #2. Strategy development. Audit and research help you understand what users think about the brand. A strategy is then formed based on that data;
  • Step #3. Identify user pains and strengths. Consumer perceptions of your brand are a tool to help improve your business.

Why Online Reputation Management Agencies Use Software

Reputation management agencies, working with small and medium-sized businesses or corporations, use high-quality reputation management software. New technologies help track information about reviews left about this or that company from more than 100 websites. In this way, technology allows for monitoring brand opinions from a single dashboard. Sometimes, you can also use it to respond to comments and reviews from customers.

Additionally, such software helps manage social media accounts, competitor tracking, and performance analytics. Some reputation management tools also help find media, influencers, and special contacts for presentations.


What is good reputation management?

Reputation management or ORM is a continuous process that helps determine and track customer opinions about a brand, product, or service. Reputation management is also a strategy focused on building an individual's opinion of a brand.

What are the four components of reputation management?

The four components of reputation management are as follows:

  • Public trust and perception. Media;
  • Organizational values;
  • Accountability;
  • Individual behavior and responsibility. Social media.

What do reputation management companies do?

Reputation management companies monitor users' opinions about a brand, product, or service. They also manage user feedback and comments and help build a positive reputation for a brand.

Why is reputation management important?

Reputation management is an opportunity to counteract the negative, increase recognition, trust, and loyalty towards a certain brand.

How is reputation management different from PR?

PR means working with the public and mass media. In fact, it's a tool designed for the external environment. Whereas, reputation management refers to the internal one. It's a response to user opinions, eliminates negativity, and so on.

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