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Custom & Automation Web Solution Experts

CMS Website Services is a leading custom software and application development company in Raleigh, NC, USA. We offer cost-effective services worldwide with the best quality.

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  • $10,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $150 - $199 / hr

  • Founded 2005

Custom Software Development Company

What should you know before hiring Blockchain Developers from Blockchain Development companies or Freelance platforms.

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  • $10,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2007

The Right Technology for any Project & Business

Transforming your business with smart solution. We believe it is important to bring rigor and easily accessible information all in one place.

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  • $5,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2012

World Class Custom Software Solutions

Chetu is a US-based software development company providing businesses worldwide with tailored software solutions from industry specialized developers.

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  • $5,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2000

IdeA - App DevelopmenT - MarketinG - OptimizE

Being a top-notch Custom software development company, our services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve.

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  • $25,000 +

  • Freelancer

  • $50 - $99 / hr

  • Founded 2003

Blockchain Development Company

Cryptocurrency exchange script to start a cryptocurrency trading platform instantly. Get our white label bitcoin exchange script that aids you to launch your bitcoin exchange from scratch.

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  • $1,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2015

A finite Solution

We give utmost importance to your minute requirements so that the end product addresses what it is actually meant for.

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  • $5,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • < $25 / hr

  • Founded 2014

Web and Mobile App Development Company

MindInventory carries a combined experience of 100+ years with the team size of 180+ employees. We provide web and mobile app development services to business enterprises with the right tactical approach to reach target audiences.

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  • $10,000 +

  • 50 - 249

  • $25 - $49 / hr

  • Founded 2011

Blockchain Wallet Development Companies

Access to digital assets allows companies to empower their business. And Blockchain Wallet Development Companies help with this through blockchain wallet development. It should be understood that blockchain transactions are not only about cryptocurrency, they are also about any other logical operations, whether it's making a deal or a transfer of ownership.

In this article, we will tell you what Blockchain Wallet Development Company does and what their Blockchain wallet developers do.

What is a Blockchain Wallet?

What is the main problem of transactional banking systems? Transactions are slow, they are tracked, and the data can be compromised. Moreover, these transactions have to go through intermediaries, which means that there is a central point of failure. Cryptocurrency wallets can eliminate such problems or reduce them to a minimum.

Blockchain app developers' wallets provide the ability to conduct secure transfers due to the fact that transactions are cryptographically signed. Let's consider in detail the safety of cryptocurrency wallets.

The main features of blockchain wallets are:

  • Ease of use;
  • Security;
  • Allows you to make instant transactions wherever you are;
  • Low commissions.

Duties of Blockchain Wallet Developers

Cryptocurrency wallet developers produce different types of wallets. These can be desktop Ethereum wallets. Such solutions are easy to install on a computer or laptop. And they come in two types: full and thin. The first ones require downloading the whole blockchain, they are more secure due to their synchronization with the cryptocurrency blockchain.

There is also a Blockchain mobile Wallet, and it is designed to be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Such a wallet is more suitable for individuals who carry out transactions with small sums.

Moreover, there are online services, hardware, and paper crypto wallets. To determine which option is more suitable for your business, you should take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Or you can contact a Blockchain wallet developers company.

Bitcoin Wallet Development Firms and Blockchain Wallet Security

The main reason businesses use cryptocurrency wallets is security. That's why specialists pay special attention to it during development. What do they do for this? They create an application based on open source code, use two-level verification systems, and many other tools.

The Blockchain wallet identifier is also used to protect the wallet. It is not needed to send or receive funds but only to log in. But the Blockchain wallet address is intended for financial transactions with cryptocurrency.

How Do Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies Work?

When contacting individual Bitcoin wallet developers, the business should provide a clear guideline for the development of the wallet - the terms of reference. Cooperating with Blockchain wallet development company this need is eliminated. Specialists take over the development in a complex, starting from drawing up the terms of reference for developers.

The work is done in the following order:

  • Project evaluation and planning. At this stage, the budget is also considered;
  • Analytics. Key requirements are defined, and a detailed development plan is presented;
  • Design. This stage involves the creation of a visual design;
  • Coding. In this stage, programmers write the code and present the product, which is ready for testing;
  • Testing and release;
  • Technical support and maintenance.

Why Do Businesses Need Development Services for Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Development of wallets for business is a possibility to keep accounts of different cryptocurrencies, to make direct sales, to send coins to other wallets, to pay for goods/services from both fiat and cryptocurrency wallets, to make conversions, to organize trading between users.

Thus, businesses turn to cryptocurrency wallet development companies for help in developing a wallet for their use:

  • As a means of payment for individuals;
  • Attraction of additional ICO financing;
  • As a means of payment between legal entities.

What Does the Cost of Bitcoin Wallet Developers Services Depend on?

The cost of Cryptocurrency wallet development depends on the functionality and the degree of security. For example, a wallet with extensive functionality and multi-level protection will require more time for development. Consequently, the cost of the product will be higher.

The rating of Blockchain Wallet Development Company in the market and its experience are also important factors. Thus, the cost of services can start at $2,500 and reach $200,000.


How safe is a Blockchain wallet?

Today, there is no safer system to conduct transactions than a Blockchain wallet. Moreover, transaction fees are low.

What's the difference between Blockchain wallet and Ethereum?

Blockchain wallet is essentially a database of accounts when Ethereum wallet allows you to create and activate smart contracts.

How do I hire a Blockchain wallet app development company?

Choose companies that have long established themselves in the market, have extensive experience in app development, and high ranking among competitors.

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