Israel Public Relations Company
Israel Public Relations Company

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MarketAcross Overview


Phone: 972546380521

Country: Israel

City: Tel Aviv

Address: Se’adya Ga’on St 24

  • MarketAcross Project's Size

    $1,000 +

  • MarketAcross Number of Employees

    10 - 49

  • MarketAcross Hourly Rate

    $200 - $300 / hr

  • MarketAcross Founded

    Founded 2013

MarketAcross is the leading public relations and marketing media group for startups and established financial technology and blockchain businesses. We stand out because of our motivated, high-impact, results-driven approach and our no-holds-barred model.

Services of MarketAcross

Portfolio of MarketAcross

Key clients: Polkadot, Binance, Polygon, eToro, Tezos, Huobi, Skrill,, Balancer, BitTorrent
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