One-Page and Multi-Page Checkout. Which One Works Best for You?


One Page and Multi Page Checkout

In eCommerce, both one-page and multi-page (or multi-step) checkout methods have their pros and cons. Moreover, both of them can greatly affect the success of your business in the future. Further in this article, we'll help you figure out which of the two payment methods best fits your business.

Overall Registration Process

The success of any online store can be measured by the number of conversions received. In turn, the conversion rate depends a lot on order durations. The easier it is to place an order, the more profit the online store will generate. After all, nobody wants to engage in complex and senseless checkout processes.

Nowadays, there's a lot of controversy around multi-page and one-page ordering options. And both of these two methods have their own places.

How to Choose Between One-Page and Multi-Page Ordering Options

  • What is a one-page (single) checkout form?
  • Benefits of one-page design.
  • Disadvantages of one-page design.
  • Brands and companies that successfully use one-page payment.
  • What is a multi-page checkout form?
  • Pros of a multi-page checkout form.
  • Cons of a multi-page checkout form.
  • Brands and companies that successfully use multi-page checkout.

What is One-Page Ordering Method?

Order processing in an online store is done on a single web page of the site, allowing for quick and easy checkout. According to Magedelight statistics, this checkout method accelerates the sale of this or that product. At the same time, canceled orders are reduced significantly.

one page ordering

Benefits of One-Page Design

Reduced checkout time. When it comes to the checkout stage, speed is extremely important. Multi-page payment takes one customer 1.40 min to fully complete the purchase process. Thus, potential buyers have plenty of time to change their minds and close the checkout page.

If you place all checkout forms on a single web page, the time required to complete the purchase will be reduced to 53 seconds. Thus, it's simple math - the fewer actions before making a purchase on the website of your company, the more likely the conversions.

Fewer Clicks

One-page checkout will not just significantly reduce the time to complete the purchase. Your potential customers will be able to enter all the necessary information in just a few clicks. This approach makes the whole buying process convenient and, thereby, removes various uncertainties within it.

Everything Is Intuitive

When customers visit your brand’s website with all the checkout steps on a single page, they clearly understand where they need to click. Thus, these buyers can effortlessly track all the necessary steps and quickly complete the checkout process. The best thing is that they can do all that on a single web page, without any click-throughs.

Reduced Bounce Rate

When all the steps necessary to complete the checkout process are on a single page, the customer of your brand is much less likely to abandon the checkout before completing it. So the one-page checkout form greatly reduces the bounce rate.

One-Page Checkout Cons

Although the one-page way is supposed to make purchases easier and faster, it can also bear a negative effect. For example, in the case where there's a need to provide a large amount of data.

A Large Amount of Data

Don't rush to add too much info on your checkout page. The last thing you want is to make a customer, who's ready to buy from you, leave because of a longread.

Analytics Services

This method is not suitable for analytics. If you use Google Analytics for your online store, setting up a one-page design won't help you in any way.

One-Page Сlearance Phase

When it comes to one-page clearance, you can't exactly see at what stage the customer refused to buy the chosen product of your brand. Whereas, multi-page clearance allows you to easily notice when purchase was interrupted.

one page clearance

Companies with One-Page Checkouts

Nowadays, there are several global eCommerce suppliers, which successfully use a one-page payment model for various reasons.

You will have the opportunity to learn from them and improve your product design based on your customer needs.

Now, let's take a quick look at the following brands that use one-page checkout forms for their online stores.


Bellroy is a company that was able to easily increase its conversion rates by simply shortening the lengthy checkout process. Now the entire checkout process is intuitive, and all the necessary information is on a single page. A simple checkout form does not make users abandon the checkout process, which increases conversions.


Sephora is another company that offers the entire checkout process on one page. Customers can easily move from one stage to another without leaving the page. For convenience, each of the steps has its own unique number so that any visitor can understand the interface of the order form.

What is a multi-page order form?

A multi-page registration form is a variety of unique web pages that lead users through the ordering process. For a potential customer to get the product, he/she needs to click-through all the necessary pages that open.

Multi-Page Payment Pros

Transparent Ordering Process

A multi-page order form allows potential customers to check all the details they enter at each step. Such a checkout scheme provides a sense of control and confidence, thereby, avoiding human error. Additionally, they can view the entire ordering sequence up to the moment they enter their credit card details.

Google Analytics and Similar Services

When a company’s site has a multi-page order form, you can do analytics via online services. Such analytics allows you to find out the page where your potential customer leaves. Once you analyze this, you will know which page needs to be optimized to avoid such situations.

Customer Reminder

Often the first page of checkout in multi-page forms collects basic customer data. In case your potential customers abandon the ordering process, you always have a chance to get them back by sending offers to their email later.

payment process

Multi-Page Сheckout Cons

Slow Checkout Process

If you want the checkout process on your site to be fast, this method is, obviously, a bad idea. After all, the more time your customers spend during the process, the greater the likelihood that they will give up on it halfway, without placing the order. The entire process can simply be boring to your customers and make them leave your brand’s website.

Checkout Form Convenience

Checkout form convenience simplifies the process of entering various data on your web pages. In case your customers forget something, they will have to get back to a certain page and edit/add the required information.

Brands That Successfully Use Multi-Page Order Form


This company managed to competently implement a multi-page order form on its website. The navigation on their brand’s website is extremely intuitive for everyone who wants to make a purchase.

Note that they have also indicated the order stages at the top of each page. This is to avoid confusion with checkout stages.


The largest online store also has a multi-page order form on its site. When was the last time you bought something on Amazon? As a potential buyer, you most likely noticed that the checkout process itself was quick and easy. Although they use a multi-page method, they allow you to check your order before making the final step.

Which Method Should You Use For Your Project?

Both one-page and multipage order forms are used by the world's leading companies. There's no surprise that choosing one may be challenging. This case requires a serious approach - consider all the pros and cons before adding a checkout form to your online store.

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