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Localization, translation & video production
Localization, translation & video production

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Phone: +1 (571) 357 3985

Country: United States

City: Alexandria

Address: 901 N. Pitt Street Suite 170

  • Alconost Incorporation Project's Size

    $1,000 +

  • Alconost Incorporation Number of Employees

    250 - 999

  • Alconost Incorporation Hourly Rate

    < $25 / hr

  • Alconost Incorporation Founded

    Founded 2003

We translate apps and games into 72 languages.

We can help you create a localization procedure for your frequently updated, multiplatform projects.

Do you need an advertizing clip, trailer, teaser, or video for App Store/Google Play in English or any other language? We're happy to help. Our video clips don't just look cool, they also do what they're supposed to do: increase conversion, sales, and registration numbers.

We can also make use of your game graphics, characters, and art assets.

Our video portfolio is currently comprised of nearly 500 projects.


Alconost Translations language services provider Alconost Translations specializes in providing translation and technical writing (copywriting) services in a range of languages in the fields of IT, business and other technical disciplines. Website translation, software localization, technical translation, writing of articles, reviews and press releases, on-hand translation of business correspondence, proofreading and correction are just some of the services that Alconost Translations offers, enabling our clients to make their goods and services available across the world.

Alconost Nitro — live professional online translation Alсonost Nitro is an online human translation system tailored for small- and medium-sized texts. Alсonost Nitro is a comfortable tool for fast (just minutes to wait) translation of short texts: string resources, small documents, presentations, business correspondence, resumes, twits, blog posts, news and press releases. Unlike in automated online translation systems, all translations in Alconost Nitro are made by real people — professional translators and native speakers. A professional online translator available 24/7 in Alconost Nitro is a reliable partner that will help you promote your products and services on the international market.

Russian translation Professional English (and many other languages) to Russian translation in the fields of IT, other technical disciplines and business. We translate websites into Russian and carry out software and game localization in Russian for the Russian-speaking market. We can also carry out on-hand translation of business correspondence, technical translation into Russian, and copywriting, proofreading and editing of Russian texts. All assignments are undertaken by native speakers. Our clients include enterprises working with resident companies of Russia and the CIS that operate in Russian and companies producing products and information for the Russian-speaking market.

Technical translation Translation in various technical fields in a range of languages. We translate instructions, certificates, user guides, specifications, descriptions and manuals as well as publicity and technical material for household and industrial applicances and equipment. Our clients include constructors, manufacturers and trading companies who are entering the international market, finding partners overseas or attracting foreign investors.

Software localization Localization and internationalization of software and computer games. We translate software and computer games into a range of languages. As part of the translation process software is adapted to the specific regional requirements of the target market (data format, encoding, currency, etc.) We accept material for translation in any format: .rc, .resx, .ini and .po, amongst others. We can also translate directly from .exe files. Our clients include software and game developers, regional distributors and software and service exporters. More about software localization services.

Website translation Localization of websites in all major world languages. We translate websites, internet shops, directory systems, corporate sites and portals, online product catalogues and blogs. Translation is carried out in your CMS, or directly in HTML, PHP, FLASH, etc. as required. Local requirements such as encoding, acronyms, date format and currency are all taken into account as part of the translation process. Depending upon the client's wishes, we will optimize website translations with keywords. Our customers include import and export companies, developers, manufacturers, service providers, and website administrators who want to expand their number of potential clients.

Copywriting Copywriting is an original creative writing service, available in English or Russian. We write (and translate) text for websites, analytical articles and reviews on IT-related topics, product decriptions, press releases and business texts (case studies, white papers, company profiles, publicity booklets, brochures). If required, we can write texts optimized for particular search queries (SEO copywriting). Our customers include businesses that need to provide their potential clients and partners with information about their company, products, services and development.

Writing of PAD descriptions Writing and translation of descriptions for PAD files. We write, and translate into a range of languages, a series of descriptions (45, 80, 250, 450 and 2000 characters in length) for PAD files. The copywriter writes texts persuading potential customers that it is your product they want to purchase and download. To increase the effectiveness of PAD files published online, it is possible to create several versions of the text and translation that are all unique from the point of view of the search engine. Our clients include software developers and vendors who need to maximize their number of sales and downloads online.

Portfolio of Alconost

Key clients: Kaspersky, Bitrix24, GitHub, SEMrush, Webmoney, Viber
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