Brains II

The smarter way to place service calls
The smarter way to place service calls

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Brains II Overview


Phone: 1.888.272.4672

Country: Canada

City: Markham

Address: 165 Konrad Crescent

  • Brains II Project's Size

    $10,000 +

  • Brains II Number of Employees

    50 - 249

  • Brains II Hourly Rate

    $100 - $149 / hr

  • Brains II Founded

    Founded 1979

Brains II is an IT services provider that specializes in manufacturer-independent maintenance service. Their teams are composed of the most experienced IT employees in Canada, providing their clients a variety of plans to help support their IT infrastructure, maximizing their technology investment and minimizing the associated costs and risks. Their service authorizations and partnerships ensure that they receive the most comprehensive technical support to strengthen their business.

Portfolio of Brains II

Key clients: Bausch & Lomb, Glaxo, Johnson & Johnson, Oral B Laboratories, Century Plaza, Adidas, Daimler Chrysler Chateau Ottawa, CP Hotels
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