Angular 12 | NGRX | SSR | UI/UX
Angular 12 | NGRX | SSR | UI/UX

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DarkLime Overview


Phone: 380930486509

Country: Ukraine

City: Zaporizhzhia

Address: Khortytske Shose street 18

  • DarkLime Project's Size

    $5,000 +

  • DarkLime Number of Employees

    10 - 49

  • DarkLime Hourly Rate

    $25 - $49 / hr

  • DarkLime Founded

    Founded 2016

Web Design&Development team DarkLime - this is who we are! What we do: 1. Create a unique style. 2. Develop fast and stable software. 3. Support and care of your web app. Angular 2/../12, upgrade complex web app to Angular 12 State management (NGRX, NGXS) Angular Universal (Server-side rendering) Angular Material Clickable prototype's design (UI/UX)

Portfolio of DarkLime

Key clients: Law of the Jungle, UStadium, https://pipeline.dashboardhub.io, via NDA
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