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We are a team of expert industrial designers
We are a team of expert industrial designers

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Fresco Design Overview


Phone: 617.233.5844

Country: United States

City: Boston

Address: 2 Bishop St, 2nd Floor Framingham

  • Fresco Design Project's Size

    $10,000 +

  • Fresco Design Number of Employees

    2 - 9

  • Fresco Design Hourly Rate

    $25 - $49 / hr

  • Fresco Design Founded

    Founded 2017

Fresco Design specializes in industrial design. World-class specialists help clients develop stylish, attractive, ergonomic products that customers will enjoy.

List of core services:

  • Strategic innovation in product design;
  • User preference research;
  • Industrial design;
  • UX/UI;
  • Creation of models and prototypes;
  • Design solutions for startups;
  • Computational design;
  • AR/VR/XR;
  • Immersive commerce;
  • 3D digital transformation.

Besides, the company helps with the advertising of the product at the early stages of development. A virtual photo studio, updated 3D resources, and AR/VR-enabled materials help not only the customer to evaluate the solution but also launch effective advertising of the new product in a short time.

The design process consists of many stages. Before work begins, the specialist performs market analysis, conducts research on potential buyers, performs strategic differentiation, and forms design ideas.

Then, the work on the project begins:

1. Idea generation and concept analysis. At this stage, brainstorming is carried out, ideas are analyzed in terms of the wishes of the customer, and an earlier analysis of the market is conducted.

2. Prototyping. Prototypes are created and approved on the basis of the best solutions.

3. Rapid visualization and 3D iteration. For better understanding, the selected prototype is visualized in the form of a photo and 3D model.

4. UX/UI development. The company performs all kinds of product design.

5. Work on the ergonomic design. It is an important parameter for the comfortable use of the product.

6. Prototype creation. At this stage, after all the discussions, refinements, and ergonomics testing, specialists get a final prototype.

7. CMF-strategy. This is a basis for the future promotion of the new product.

8. Visual branding. It is important that the product is not only beautiful and recognizable but also the buyer should remember the brand.

9. Creation of packaging.

10. Testing of design solutions.

11. Documentation development.

After creating the design, Fresco Design is ready to create virtual photos, 3D materials, and other useful design solutions for e-commerce at the client's request. The unique materials will be suitable for an advertising campaign on Instagram, other social networks, websites, videos, or any other type of online and offline advertising.

Fresco Design has offices in two countries: Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you have any questions, you can email us on the website, use the contact form, or find the company's representatives on LinkedIn.

Portfolio of Fresco Design

Key clients: Bose, Oakley, GuRu, Swandoo, EquiFit, Robot, HP
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