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Live Easy, Live Free with Ossisto
Live Easy, Live Free with Ossisto

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Phone: 8336774786

Country: United States

City: Perth Amboy

Address: 214 Smith St, Suite 300

  • $1,000 +

  • 10 - 49

  • < $25 / hr

  • Founded 2017

As a frontrunner amongst virtual assistance companies, Ossisto offers a wide array of business solutions. Though headquartered in New Jersey, we have offices in U.K, Australia and India as well. Primarily, we specialize in business support, digital marketing, IT and website development, content writing, Finances and much more. Our in-house team have had myriad years of experience which has solidified their capabilities in giving our clients unparalleled service. Additionally, we also provide customized services to those projects where specificity is key.

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