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We Create Our Next For The New...
We Create Our Next For The New...

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Red Apple Overview


Country: United States

City: Dallas

Address: 7513 Valley Stream

  • Red Apple Project's Size

    $10,000 +

  • Red Apple Number of Employees

    50 - 249

  • Red Apple Hourly Rate

    < $25 / hr

  • Red Apple Founded

    Founded 2010

You can visit Red Apple’s LinkedIn company page to get acquainted with professionals who will work on your project. Moreover, a large number of specialists in the company allows for assembling a separate team for each individual case.

Red Apple services include IoT, enterprise solutions (backend as a service, software as a service, AI, etc.), art design, digital marketing, designing games in Unity, Unreal, HTML5, AR/VR, etc., building apps for Android/iOS, AR/VR, web app development.

What ensures positive results? In addition to top-notch talent, there has to be discipline in the working process. Thus, Red Apple has divided it into 5 stages:

  • Pre-development. This stage includes proper assessment and verification of the idea, creating an offer and a documented agreement on the project;
  • Design. Brainstorming, wireframing, mockup design, prototyping, user experience, exporting assets - these are the actions performed at the design stage;
  • Development. This is where company experts plan, create, test, and prepare the product to be released;
  • Deployment. Release, alpha/beta testing, production, review, and approval;
  • Launch. The stage includes launching the project itself, as well as activities focused on user retention, support, bug fixing, and promotion.

On Red Apple's official website, you can take a look at partners of the company, as well as the working methods of its employees. With extensive experience in working with local businesses in automotive, e-commerce, fashion, government, healthcare, media, and travel industries, the company has something to offer for everyone.

A rich portfolio on the website helps understand company values, potential, strengths, and prospects for collaboration. This is where you can also explore quality solutions built by Red Apple experts and discover how they apply AR/VR in their developments.

Red Apple clients include Pogo, Unidad Editorial, Spilgames, PlayHUB, FOG, Zapak, StarkGames, and more.

Red Apple's characteristics and advantages are as follows:

  • A dedicated team of professionals, from managers to programmers;
  • Extensive tech experience and understanding of the latest techniques and their impact;
  • Quality support and constructive contributions;
  • Creative and innovative work practice.

Right now, businesses from all over the world have the opportunity to verify the agency's competence by applying for a free consultation. To make an appointment, simply send them a short email or contact their consultant by phone.

Services of Red Apple

Mobile Platforms

  • Android

  • Hybrid and Cross Platform

  • iOS - iPhone

  • iOS - iPad


Programming & Scripting

  • Swift


Portfolio of Red Apple

Key clients: Cooking Team, Second Guess, Baby Earth
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