Software Technology Group, Incorporated

If it’s software... we can do it!
If it’s software... we can do it!

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Software Technology Group, Incorporated Overview


Phone: tel:+503-672-9245

Country: United States

City: Beaverton

Address: 4240 SW 109th Ave.

  • Software Technology Group, Incorporated Project's Size

    $5,000 +

  • Software Technology Group, Incorporated Number of Employees

    10 - 49

  • Software Technology Group, Incorporated Hourly Rate

    $100 - $149 / hr

  • Software Technology Group, Incorporated Founded

    Founded 1992

Relevant Experience of Company

We are a small but fast paced firm, and we aim to quickly respond to your needs. also have the ability to quickly staff as the needs arise.

We pride ourselves on creating mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

We are a project-oriented company. Our strength is in our ability to take on complex projects and to deliver to our clients’ needs.

STG has been providing software development services for clients in the Portland Metropolitan area for over 25 years. STG’s success during these years is due to our employee talent and our engineering process. STG takes pride in its integrity, honesty and work ethic. STG believes in building an organization based on engineering excellence. In order to do this, STG employs full-time engineers who work on a variety of projects. Other companies offer staff who are temporary personnel, and only available for the duration of the project. The difference is that STG is readily able to respond to our clients because we retain knowledge of our clients’ history and needs.

STG stands out from its competitors by:

Committing to strong engineers and solid engineering standards in the biomedical and hi-tech arena.
Ability to develop the entire vertical of software technical expertise
HW and FW
App and mobile development
Web and Data portals
Following standardized best practices to guide each member of the software engineering team.
Maintaining an on-site infrastructure that mirrors our client’s environment.
Managing projects and engineers.
Twenty five+ years of experience

Portfolio of Software Technology

Key clients: HP, Intel, Tektronix, EVRAZ (Oregon Steel), Boeing, Daimler Truc
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