Top software engineering teams that fit your business culture
Top software engineering teams that fit your business culture

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Sombra Overview


Phone: 380972750055

Country: Ukraine

City: Lviv

Address: b. 11, Zelena St, 44 a

Country: Canada

City: Toronto

Address: Suite 3110 1 Palace Pier Court

  • Sombra Project's Size

    $5,000 +

  • Sombra Number of Employees

    50 - 249

  • Sombra Hourly Rate

    $25 - $49 / hr

  • Sombra Founded

    Founded 2013

Working with Sombra customers can be sure that professionals take care of the project. We value qualified people therefore 75% of our developers have a master degree in Computer Science.

Also, we care about effective communication.
Our team is incorporated of developers and managers with a high command of English, who can communicate unhindered on every level of cooperation. In the initial stages of development, we often make calls with clients and our technical specialists to better understand the project and seek ways improvements.

Sombra has the ability to scale a team.
For now, we have a pool of 85 dedicated developers, who are ready to start working immediately. Our team consists of 42 Java, 22 JavaScript developers and 12 QA engineers. We have a capacity to form a big team and extend or narrow it if needed.

Moreover, we have low employee turnover, less than 10%. It means if we start a project with a team, the same people can remain during the whole development process.

Portfolio of Sombra

Key clients: ZappySales, Wiser Investments, Divido, RenewAge, The H Hub
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