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Your Ultimate Business Launchpad
Your Ultimate Business Launchpad

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Strawberry Box Media Overview


Phone: +1.717.903.8125

Country: United States

City: Harrisburg

Address: 922 N 3rd Street

  • Strawberry Box Media Project's Size


  • Strawberry Box Media Number of Employees

    250 - 999

  • Strawberry Box Media Hourly Rate

    Undisclosed / hr

  • Strawberry Box Media Founded

    Founded 2015

We are a multinational business launchpad that helps startups, SME's and Enterprise companies build their ideas & bring them to reality. We help companies right from their ideation, Market Validation, Business Strategy to Software Development and Deployment.  We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the economy and that taking an initiative goes a long way! We took an initiative ourselves that led us here.


We believe in breaking the norm. We use technology and innovation to create some of the finest pieces of technology and help people create businesses that can help change their life, and maybe one day change the world!


We are a company of Out of the Box thinkers and tech geeks who love and believe in what technology can do. We are not a typical IT company and have no interest in being one. We are a global company with clients from around the world. We have offices in USA, UK, India, Canada and we are looking to expand further.


A majority of our clients are startups and SME's and a lot of our focus is on building platforms on futuristic technologies like AI & Blockchain. We are conducting a lot of research in the Media Labs arena and are hoping to launch applications based holograms, advanced image and language processing in the near future.


Our specialties include: website development, app development, design, computer software, blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobile application and UI/UX design.

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