Taktical Digital

Expert Growth Marketing for DTC and B2B Brands
Expert Growth Marketing for DTC and B2B Brands

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Taktical Digital Overview


Phone: 8558258422

Country: United States

City: New York City

Address: 241 West 37th Street, Suite 802

  • Taktical Digital Project's Size

    $1,000 +

  • Taktical Digital Number of Employees

    10 - 49

  • Taktical Digital Hourly Rate

    $50 - $99 / hr

  • Taktical Digital Founded

    Founded 2011

The first step for any marketing campaign is the discovery and strategic kickoff. We put our clients into a room and don’t let them out until we know every inch and facet of their business, their market, their competition and their customer.  We then use this information to plan what elements of internet marketing and what strategies are best. The place where most agencies drop the ball.  It’s easy to talk about what needs to be done, its quite another to accomplish it fast, efficiently, inexpensively and deliver results. We employ cutting edge digital marketing tactics, sometimes even inventing new tactics as we go along. A little bit of a hacker mindset is a good thing for your internet marketers to have.

The one thing that sets digital marketing apart from all other forms is the sheer volume of data and metrics available once a campaign begins. We pour over mountains of analytical data on traffic, sales, and costs to figure out whats working, what sucks, and why. What good is a mountain of data if you don’t take the actions necessary to capitalize on it?  Our experts test and retest every nuance of the marketing effort, looking for that magic combination that can send your company soaring to the top of the marketplace.

Portfolio of Taktical Digital

Key clients: WeWork, Splash, Benjamin Moore, Casper, BarkBox, Ellen Degeneres, Artsy, Elite Daily, Bustle, Blue Nile, Rachel Zoe, Mavi Jeans, Capsule Pharmacy
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