Vrrb Interactive

Branding, Design, Development, + Marketing
Branding, Design, Development, + Marketing

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Vrrb Interactive Overview


Phone: 3107770077

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles

Address: 1601 Vine Street

  • Vrrb Interactive Project's Size

    $25,000 +

  • Vrrb Interactive Number of Employees

    10 - 49

  • Vrrb Interactive Hourly Rate

    $100 - $149 / hr

  • Vrrb Interactive Founded

    Founded 2007

We work with a wide range of clients across a variety of verticals, from innovative startups like InhaleHealth to global companies like Visa. Whether it's a corporate website that needs updating or a new product launch, we like to get our hands dirty with clients who know the results they want and trust us for leadership.

Services of Vrrb Interactive

Programming & Scripting

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • Python

  • SQL


Frameworks and CMS

  • Drupal

  • WordPress


Portfolio of Vrrb Interactive

Key clients: Visa, Leica, City of Palm Springs, Biotene, Feit Electric, L.H. Dottie, Friendbuy, Inhale Health, UCLA
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