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Project Description

The world of long haul trucking was foreign to our SingleMind team before Glostone Trucking Solutions brought the PermitBook project to our door. The product that they were looking to build would solve a commonplace issue for long haul truckers that seemed simple to overcome. As a company that manages state and federal compliance documentation for long haul truck owner-operators and nation-wide fleets, Glostone Trucking Solutions was interested in developing a solution that would streamline their compliance documentation accumulation and handoff processes so that
driver could get on their way with their required documentation without delay. With various categories of required compliance data – trip reports, hours of service logs, tax and registration filings, and driver qualification files – and an immense volume of documentation all tailored to each driver and trip, the size and scope of the PermitBook project was considerable.

In an initial research workshop with the Glostone team, SingleMind first needed to define Glostone’s processes in place. While Glostone’s processes involved their account managers gathering the applicable compliance documentation per driver and per trip, printing all documents, placing the documents in a physical binder and then handing the binder to the given driver so that they could begin their trip, the SingleMind team devised a new process in which Glostone’s account managers would simply upload documentation to a website and selecting which driver and trip the
documentation was for. As many drivers lose cell phone reception during the course of their trips, our team also knew that we needed to develop a solution that could be accessed offline. The solution we came to was an iOS and Android mobile application that could be accessed by long haul truck owner-operators and even when out of a cell service area. The website, iOS application, and Andorid application collectively became PermitBook.

The PermitBook application was built with React Native using JavaScript for both iOS and Android. The PermitBook website was built using Vue JS, similar to React but syntactically different. Both the mobile applications and website have been set-up to facilitate the transfer of documentation (from the Glostone Account Managers computers to the driver’s mobile application) using Firebase API and Azure functions.

In under seven months, the PermitBook applications and website were live. The PermitBook project has streamlined the operations of Glostone Trucking Solutions and the long haul trucking industry in its entirety. While PermitBook is currently in use, SingleMind continues to work with the Glostone to automate the features of the products and streamline long haul trucking well into the future.

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