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Experiential Marketing Companies in the USA Help Businesses Grow

Leading experiential marketing agencies in the US conduct various studies. In particular, those that determine the growth or decline in popularity of this tactic among marketers. For example, a recent study found that more than 40% of marketing professionals choose digital experiential marketing in the US as their primary promotional tactic.

Considering the fact that there is a huge number of offers for the promotion of goods/services on the market, it is worth understanding in which cases experiential marketing companies in the USA will be useful for businesses.

Experiential Marketing Firms’ activity in the USA

Nowadays, businesses work online, people make purchases online, and users spend more and more time on social networks. That is why the number of ways, methods, strategies for promotion has increased. But the need for life experience still remains. So, there is no one better than an experiential marketing company.

With the help of experiential marketing, the consumer gets to know the brand. Top experiential marketing agencies in the US help businesses create events that potential customers will remember.

The customer can visit, for example, an exhibition of cell phones of a particular company, study and test the products in person, and talk to consultants. And as practice shows, 98% of people buy products after physical interaction.

The Main Areas of the US Experiential Agencies’ Work

The main focus of experiential marketing agencies in the United States is the creation and implementation of events. Events are different in type and depend on the objectives and budget of the brand. What are the types of experiential marketing events in the US?

  • Large-scale. Companies involve celebrities and other influential people, representatives of the media. Such events can take place over several days and cover different locations. During the events, there are reports, entertainment, parties, and distribution of prizes;
  • Outdoor. Companies distribute free samples, flyers with valuable offers. These events take place in parks, malls, and clubs;
  • Exclusive. These events are created for VIP buyers;
  • Pop-up stores. If a brand wants to surprise its audience, then it uses pop-up stores.

Strategies of the Best Experiential Agencies in the USA and Prospects for Businesses

Strategies of experiential marketing companies in the United States are somewhat more effective than the usual advertising on the Internet. Mostly, users are just fed up with it. Here are facts proving it:

  • 85% of businesses say that live events helped them achieve business goals;
  • 92% of businesses believe that experiential marketing should be used together with other tactics.

By using experiential marketing strategies in the USA, businesses:

  • Establish a connection with their customers;
  • Evoke positive emotions in relation to the goods/services;
  • Promote their product;
  • Increase sales.

An Example of an Experiential Marketing Company in the USA

The best United States experiential marketing agency was working with The Simpsons promotion. What have they managed to do? They have equipped a chain of mini-markets in the corresponding style in the US. Entering such stores, which were symbolically named KwiKe-Mart, visitors could purchase unique products. The highlight of the chain was Bart's comic book.

But it should be noted that companies using experiential marketing in the United States carefully study the audience and the market before launching a campaign. So, when hiring such an agency, remember that there are no ready-made solutions for your business. Every event has to be unique and tailored to your brand's needs.


What do experiential agencies in the United States do?

The main direction of experiential marketing is the organization of different events in order to promote the goods and services of the brand, to introduce the brand to the audience.

How do I choose an experiential marketing agency in the US?

Study the portfolio, the previous experience, and how the former clients assess the cooperation with the company. Make your list and conduct interviews.

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