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contact form

13 Reasons to Add a Contact Form to Your Website

Modern digital technology is rapidly evolving. More and more ways to use them appear, as well as, functions, and, of course, methods to improve their business designs. And online forms in real time are one of the new recently emerged progress methods. ...

best software development model

The Best Software Development Model for Your Project

At the start of almost any project, one question arises: which software development model is the most suitable for successful implementation? There are many debates about the advantages and disadvantages of different models. Followers of different methodo ...

Mobile AI

Why Mobile Apps Are More Effective with Integrated AI and ML

All of us love a comfortable and convenient life. And today, there are a huge number of smart machines that understand and analyze human behavior, simplifying our daily lives, making our days more enjoyable than we have ever imagined. ...

One Page and Multi Page Checkout

One-Page and Multi-Page Checkout. Which One Works Best for You?

In eCommerce, both one-page and multi-page (or multi-step) checkout methods have their pros and cons. Moreover, both of them can greatly affect the success of your business in the future. Further in this article, we'll help you figure out which of the two ...

web hosting seo

How Web Hosting Affects SEO

SEO includes many more features and benefits than standard key optimization and competent structuring of both links and content. The impact of web hosting on SEO is undoubtedly a reflection of the definition of your business, the connection of external an ...

Hire good programmer

How to Hire Good Programmers if You're Not a Technical Specialist?

Developer search for a good and, most importantly, competent specialist is not an easy task. When a person who is looking for such a professional is not familiar with the subject, they may face a whole range of different problems. ...

Docker Containers Running

How to Keep Docker Containers Running

Docker containers, when run in detached mode (the most common -d option), are designed to shut down immediately after the initial entrypoint command (program that should be run when container is built from image) is no longer running in the foreground. ...

Database from Spark

Writing to a Database from Spark

One of the great features of Spark is the variety of data sources it can read from and write to. If you already have a database to write to, connecting to that database and writing data from Spark is fairly simple. ...

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