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ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is used to help build single page applications for both web and mobile platforms. It uses a simple code which is very easy to understand since it is based on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

1. ADCI Solutions

ADCI Solutions is a top 15 Russian Web Development Firm according to We’ve been doing Drupal for 11 years already. We make the best Drupal products for small and medium business. We also are experienced in custom Drupal development. Check out our 60+ Drupal contribs: In our front-end work, we’re focused on the Drupal sites enhancement with the help of different front-end technologies.

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2. BinarCode

BinarCode is an outsourcing company with focus on full stack web development based on Javascript technologies. We are a young yet experienced team who worked on over 10 different projects together starting from SaaS products, startup ideas and ending with automation tools and web templates.

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3. Coding Sans

We’re a full-stack JavaScript development company with a sharp focus on building serverless web and cross-platform mobile apps. We work with clients all over the world, without a specific industry focus. Coding Sans was founded in 2013, and the core team members have been working together since then. We believe in transparent software development. Our clients see exactly how we work by giving access to the project’s codebase and inviting them to the chat apps we use. This way we make sure that every stakeholder of the project is on the same page and avoid misdelivery. During the project, our clients can provide any feedback and criticism so the product will be delivered in the desired quality with the expected functionality.

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We are a highly organized, motivated, energetic and experienced technocrats who love to work under pressure in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. We are a bunch of professional and reliable programmers with 13+ years of experience and excellent skills in Web development, Mobile application development, CRM, ERP and POS systems.

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5. DigitalSuits

We create Web and Mobile solutions for you and we love to do it. We help both startups and big companies to develop/maintain their business ideas and to improve their profit. Our aim is to find out your idea and help it improve the world.

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6. IT Craft

OUTSOURCING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. IT Craft has created a large Magento-based ecommerce website for a Sydney bookstore helping them increase sales by improving website and adding payment features.

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7. MENA Software

MENA Software is a fast growing software and blockchain development company. Outsource your project & let us help you transform your business. At MENA Software, we focus on building SMART and sustainable solutions, through personalizing & providing premium services.

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8. NCube

NCube is a software development company that assembles remote teams of software developers within 2-4 weeks for enterprises, startups and companies around the world. We have expertise in FinTech, IoT, VR, AI/Machine Learning, Banking, Healthcare, Banking, Cloud platforms, Data Science.

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Nord Digital specialises in website and web/mobile application development.
9 years of experience.

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10. Singlemind

Partnering with Product Owners and CTOs, Singlemind is a data-driven design and development firm defined by our commitment to innovation, creativity, and proven process. With expertise in market research, design thinking, and human-centered IA, we create digital products based upon real world data. We seek to transform how software is formulated and how companies engage with their users. From web applications to websites to mobile applications and IoT, our design and development teams craft software for your business needs and the enjoyment of your users. To achieve your business goals, we execute on proven strategies and tactics that improve user adoption and retention.

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Lake Oswego
React JS was created by the Facebook engineer Jordan Walke in 2011 and was deployed for use in the FB newsfeed as well as for Instagram during 2012. The main stand out feature that React JS delivers is the ability to provide web applications that change data without reloading the page. This significantly improves the processing time and the UI experience for faster page management. Therefore, React JS can be summed up as a fast, simple and scalable system for managing UI in applications. It is compatible for working with Angular JS and MVC and provides the same component functions as view in MVC templates.

ReactJS Features

The main features that make ReactJS so popular are:


RSX is a Javascript syntax that integrates HTML tag syntax into the process calls within the React framework. This allows you to the write-in Javascript, as well as use React JS and HTML.

React Native

React uses native libraries for UPD, IOS, and Android.

Single-Way data flow

The flow process of React is downflow for properties and up flow for actions. As such, the values are passed to the component’s rendered using HTML tag properties. These components do not modify properties, and they only pass a call back function.

Virtual Document Object Model

The process by which React computes and changes the data on a page is through a virtual document object that processes the changes without rendering the whole page. As such, the page stays while only the page components that are being processed change.

React JS Benefits

React JS might be considered as a waste of time when you have such languages as Angular, however that would be mistaking the true identity of React when compared to Angular and other top-level languages.


ReactJS is a very simple rendition of JavaScript and HTML. It is not a full language like Angular, and as such, it is very easy to learn if you know HTML and have an understanding of JavaScript. React uses JSX to mix HTML and JavaScript syntax into one flowing language. With this, the main difference is that Angular is a C++ derivative, which means it’s a complete language, while React JS only really requires you to know HTML and CSS.

Native and Reusable

React has native libraries and is reusable, so you can apply it cross platforms providing an easy reusable development process for Web, IOS and Android platforms.

Data Binding

React uses a controlled flow of one-way data binding called Flux control. This method uses a “dispatcher” control point where all the data flows through, making this an easy to debug and process system.


React is versatile and does not need an encapsulated system for coding, you can use React with a variety of applications such as Browserify, Require JS, and ECMAScript 6 modules that are used with Babel. With these ReactJS-di injects dependencies automatically.