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Ajax is neither a programming language or a software tool; it is a concept.

Ajax is a client-side script used to communicate between a server and/or database without a postback or a complete page refresh requirement. Ajax is a data exchange method between a client and a server.

1. Techuz InfoWeb Pvt. Ltd

Techuz is an eminent name in the IT industry especially known for catering highly sophisticated web development services. Established in 2013, it has helped several startups and enterprises to achieve their business goals with their state-of-the-art technical assistance. The team of highly skilled developers and designers offers complete end-to-end services starting from designing elegant UI/UX to development, testing and deployment.

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As such, Ajax is actually a term used to represent JavaScript (JS) techniques or snippets used to connect a web server without requiring multiple page loading dynamically. To be succinct and laconic “Ajax is JS XMLHttpRequest objects for dynamic interaction with a web server.”

Ajax Benefits in Software Development

The use of Ajax promotes four benefits to software development of websites, and these are:


Ajax is a callback procedure and is perfect for quick round trips between the client and the server. These callbacks are used to retrieve or/and save data negating the need to post the entire page back to the server. This focused postback minimizes the transmission times and reduces waiting and unnecessary memory usage. It minimizes network load and enables pages to reload faster. The beauty of removing the need for a full page callback is that it significantly reduces the congestion in a limited bandwidth where multiple users are working together, such as working with cloud-based technologies.

Making Asynchronous Calls

Another great aspect is how Ajax utilizes time by enabling asynchronous calls to the web server with radically wasted data management time by reducing the amount of data being transmitted back and forth. This frees up user time to process other actions.

GUI Friendly

Since speed and processing power is significantly reduced, the GUI response rate is much faster and provides a more friendly faster and responsive interaction with the system

Optimized Speed

The bottom line is speed, and Ajax is all about turbocharging the processing of data by reducing the amount of data needed for processing. A classic example of Ajax is when you allow users to rate online without having to post the entire web page, just transmit the rating data without posting the entire page, as found on Netflix for example.

Ajax Aspects

Ajax is used by enabling the XMLHttpRequest object in the JS client side. Ajax is an acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. “Asynchronous” means that the systems can perform multiple processes independently. Once an Ajax call has been initiated, the client can continue to navigate their web applications without having to wait for a response, and a response can be optionally be sent back once the process has been completed.