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Java is an object-oriented language similar to C++ yet has added features that simplify the coding process and contains advanced functions. C# and Java are also similar languages, and both are object-oriented, designed with semi-interpretation or runtime just-in-time compilation.

1. Avra

Avra is a software company based in Wroclaw, Poland. We have one main goal – to make a good IT. We started in 2004 as a one-man company, since then a lot has changed. We grown into a team of 60 experts, and our one-storey office turned into a 11th floor in the city center, with a view of Wrocław. We gained the trust of very important clients: Leroy Merlin, MyBenefit, and

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2. NCube

NCube is a software development company that assembles remote teams of software developers within 2-4 weeks for enterprises, startups and companies around the world. We have expertise in FinTech, IoT, VR, AI/Machine Learning, Banking, Healthcare, Banking, Cloud platforms, Data Science.

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3. Singlemind

Partnering with Product Owners and CTOs, Singlemind is a data-driven design and development firm defined by our commitment to innovation, creativity, and proven process. With expertise in market research, design thinking, and human-centered IA, we create digital products based upon real world data. We seek to transform how software is formulated and how companies engage with their users. From web applications to websites to mobile applications and IoT, our design and development teams craft software for your business needs and the enjoyment of your users. To achieve your business goals, we execute on proven strategies and tactics that improve user adoption and retention.

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United States
Lake Oswego

4. SoftTeco

SoftTeco is a custom software development company which is focused on providing high-quality technical solutions, quality assurance and design. Broad expertise and large portfolio allow us to make our customers happy!

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5. Sombra

Working with Sombra customers can be sure that professionals take care of the project. We value qualified people therefore 75% of our developers have a master degree in Computer Science. Also, we care about effective communication. Our team is incorporated of developers and managers with a high command of English, who can communicate unhindered on every level of cooperation.

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6. Techuz InfoWeb Pvt. Ltd

Techuz is an eminent name in the IT industry especially known for catering highly sophisticated web development services. Established in 2013, it has helped several startups and enterprises to achieve their business goals with their state-of-the-art technical assistance. The team of highly skilled developers and designers offers complete end-to-end services starting from designing elegant UI/UX to development, testing and deployment.

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Java was created by a Sun Microsystems team headed by James Gosling back in the early 1990s. The first version, Java 1.0 hit the screens on 1996, and it was designed for internet coding. As such, it provided interactivity between the user and the internet through dynamic pages. Since version 1.0 came out, many upgrades have evolved, and the latest version released in 2018 is Java 11.

Java Benefits

Simple and easy to use

Java has a lot of benefits that make it stand out from C++which was the origins of Java. C++, however, lacked in certain internet demands and its syntax was complicated. Java approached this by simplifying the syntax and adding functionality that was focused on dynamic page web design.


Java was the original OOP, (object-oriented programming) language, and this reduced fatal errors during programming. OOP allows functions to be packaged into one place, making the system modular, reliable and easy to build. OOP provides libraries and libraries provide functionality that has been proven and tested.


Since Java was created to handle internet programming, especially for mobile devices, it was built with a lot of cyber-security features in place. In fact, today, Java is still the leading programming language for secure applications.

OS Compatability

Java is designed to perform on any platform and with any operating system. As such, there is a lot of versatility allowing programmers to design applications that will work on many different devise, platforms and OS simultaneously.

Java Components

The main components used in Java include:

JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

JVM is an abstract machine that acts as a specification providing a run-time environment for Java bytecode execution. JVM has three notations:
  • Specification: This is a document that describes the JVM implementation of the Java virtual machine.
  • Implementation: This is the JVM specified program.
  • Runtime Instance: Whenever you write a java command on the command prompt and run the class an instance of JVM is created.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

JRE is a runtime environment where you execute Java bytecode. It implements the JVM providing all the runtime class libraries and other support files. As such, JRE is a software package containing the requirements to run a Java program. This is a physical implementation of the JVM.

JDK (Java Development Kit)

This is the tool that compiles, documents and packages the Java programs. The JDK houses the JRE that houses the tools for Java programmers. The JDK is free and with the JRE, gives you the interpreter/loader, a compiler (javac), an archiver (jar), a documentation generator (Javadoc). It also provides other tools needed in Java development.

Java SE 11

JDK 11 was released on September 25, 2018, and will be replaced by Java SE 12 in March 2019. IN the meanwhile, the additional Java features that were added, and a few that were removed are:
  • JEP 309: Dynamic class-file constants
  • JEP 318: Epsilon: a no-op garbage collector
  • JEP 323: Local-variable syntax for lambda parameters
  • JEP 331: Low-overhead heap profiling
  • JEP 321: HTTP client (standard)
  • JEP 332: Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3
  • JEP 328: Flight recorder
  • JEP 333: ZGC: a scalable low-latency garbage collector
  • JavaFX, Java EE and CORBA modules have been removed from JDK
  • JEP 335: Deprecated the Nashorn JavaScript engine
Among the dropped features are:
  • Java applets
  • Java Web Start


One amazing fact about Android is that it uses a lot of Java, and this supports the main code written in C. Android SDK uses Java as its base for all Android applications. However, the Android SDK bytecode language runs on its own VM which is designed to run on low-memory devices. As such, Android mobile devices use either the Dalvik VM or compile the code in the Android Runtime.