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Project Description is the leading source of fashion internships online. New internships are posted daily, thousands of visitors access the site monthly, and the massive range of different types of internships and the applicants they attract have kept the site ahead of all competitors. The founder came to us with the desire to both upgrade the functionality and front-end user experience, while also increasing her management capabilities for the application.

The biggest challenge on this project was the massive amount of user and internship data that needed to be migrated to the new system, along with the necessary features required for both companies and interns to use the site successfully.

We leveraged Drupal, a popular API-first content management system, to provide the back-end management layer. We re-designed the site and built the front-end using Angular, a popular front-end Javascript framework built by Google. The site also features a Twilio integration for user verification and a payment integration using Paypal. The result of this project is a beautiful, new progressive web application that gives the site owner complete control over content, pricing, users, and emails. The site is both significantly more advanced, performs better, and is much easier to navigate. The aim is to massively increase income from the site, and we’ve taken big steps towards making that happen.

Company: Tragic Media

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